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->We offer solutions that make the completion of the entire project possible
->We do not sell design as a separate item, since the documents themselves do not have any value when removed from other stages of work
->You pay for receiving the previously agreed design project

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Of what does development of design documentation consist?
So, you have made decision to construct a stores. Any construction begins with design. Designing means a range of works, which include:
  1. Pre-design works (PDW);
  2. Development of design documents (DD);
  3. Passing DD expertise;
  4. Development of operating documents (OD).
The construction of a warehouse is conducted directly according to OD. If expertise is not required for your project, then DD development can be avoided.
In this chain consisting of 4 articles, we will consider main stages of works that you need to perform together with contractors before starting the construction of the warehouse (as a rule, they include design-and-construction companies that perform a full range of services).

Our approach to each design

in taking

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