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Construction management

The services of our company include construction management at all stages of work.
Our specialists, having extensive experience in jurisprudence, design and construction, are ready to assume the functions of a technical customer and provide you with cost-effective solutions in the field of capital construction. Thus, we coordinate the entire construction process from project approval to completion.

  • Reduction of
    construction period.
  • Optimization of
    construction costs.
  • Observance ofthe investor’s
    interests in any situation.
  • No costs incurred for
    the Customer’s own service.
  • Obtaining positive
    conclusions, approvals.
  • Continuity of
    the construction process.
  • Quality control
    at all stages.
The finance
and construction
The finance-and-construction audit

includes full range of expert, verification and control procedures aimed at:

  • Selection of land plot for construction in accordance with intended purpose
  • Construction control, analysis of calendar plan, work schedule and budget costs for construction
  • Estimated cost of work-in-progress
  • Confirmation of intended expenditure of funds allocated for construction.
Collection of initial planning permission documents
Collection of initial planning permission documents

is necessary for the beginning of the design and is the future basis for obtaining the building permit. It includes:

  • Final results of the engineering-geological, hydrogeological, sanitary-epidemiological and ecological investigations
  • - Agreements for connection to existing utility lines
  • Development of a site plan based on the survey
  • Obtaining a town-planning plan
  • Development of technical specifications for design.
Process of Examinaton
Process of Examinaton

Careful preparation and analysis of the entire package of documents by our specialists allows you to obtain a positive expert conclusion promptly

Obtaining a construction permit
Obtaining a construction permit

Correct preparation of documents and readiness to make any necessary changes allows us to guarantee obtaining a permit for construction or reconstruction within the shortest time.

Technical supervision
Technical supervision

offers construction control for compliance with design and CSaR.
Within the framework of technical supervision, we regularly monitor adherence to:

  • Quality of building materials used and structures
  • Quality of construction works carried out, installation of engineering equipment
  • Reliable reflection of actually performed works and expended funds
  • Approved design solutions
  • Construction standards and regulations
  • Contractual obligations
Object commissioning
Object commissioning


  • Control and coordination of the entire process of collecting the necessary documents
  • Organization of pre-commissioning works and the establishment of the causes of technical problems when detected
  • State registration of constructed object.

«THE BAU MIX» — company ensures:

Application of effective methods of project management in construction and value engineering.
Experience in design approval.
Professional knowledge of all construction standards and regulations.
Reliable partners.
Thorough knowledge of operating principles of state authorities.

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